A festival for pupils of NUOVO schools

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From 17 to 20 April 2023, the NUOVO schools - 15 schools for public secondary education in Utrecht - organised a week in which 250 pupils aged 12-17 learned with each other, from each other and with the city of Utrecht.

The pupils were set to work to design possible solutions to issues affecting the Utrecht region. These issues stem from the main pillars of the municipality's coalition agreement: equality of opportunities, housing, climate crisis, vibrant and liveable city.


Create a design for a tunnel in Merwede

You know them: places in the city that are mostly practical but not at all pretty. When you pass by, those places can even give you an unpleasant feeling. Artists or local residents sometimes take the initiative to make such places more beautiful and interesting. You will work on such a spot this week. A spot right next to Karma Kebab, the bicycle tunnel under the Balijebrug (on 'our' Transwijk side). Create a cool street art design that gives local residents and tunnel users a good feeling when passing by. Read more at udecide.nu (Dutch)