What is Gemene Grond?

Gemene Grond is a multi-year arts programme in and on Lombokplein square, the bourse quarter and the Merwede canal zone in Utrecht.

What is Gemene Grond about?

We explore how art in the public space can contribute to community interaction in a city. Gemene grond – common ground – turns on the space where we can find one another. Gemene Grond is for the city, by the city, with the city, in the city.

What does Gemene Grond stand for?

‘Gemene Grond’ is the historical term for ‘common ground’, an expression that’s still used in English today. Gemene Grond aims to make communality tangible and visible through art.

Who initiated Gemene Grond?

Gemene Grond was conceived and initiated by a team of independent advisors on art in the public space (ABKV). They were commissioned by the Utrecht local authority.

How long will Gemene Grond run?

Gemene Grond is a ten-year arts programme, running from 2021 to 2030.

Which areas fall within the Gemene Grond ambit?

Gemene Grond is active in Lombokplein, in the new bourse quarter and in the Merwede canal zone.

What are Gemene Grond’s key objectives?

We are working for the enablement of innovative art forms (which could be anything: a process, permanent or temporary installations, works of art, performances etc) that are created through a communal process in which all participants share responsibility and ownership.

Can Gemene Grond deal with all the questions/ideas/requests it receives?

The makers of Gemene Grond want to make a difference in developing art commissions by listening closely to what’s going on in the city. All information that we gather together is valuable. As such we are keen to enter into a conversation. We can’t realise each and every idea literally and immediately. But we can explore where we can find one another in the ambition to make a meaningful contribution to our shared space from a position of shared ownership and shared commissioning.

How do I make contact with Gemene Grond?

We at Gemene Grond like to listen. You can reach us on programma@gemenegrond.nl, LinkedIn, Instagram and face-to-face on location on Thursdays.