A Material Diary of Merwede

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Gemene Grond organizes walks and conversations led by Merve Bedir to create a 'Material Diary' of Merwede. Merve Bedir has asked artist AZ OOR to help contribute to the Material Diary of Merwede. The Material Diary that artist AZ OOR is working on together with Merve is also an example of mapping the many worlds that already exist in Merwede: The materials, plants that are growing naturally in this area and the objects existing in place tell us about our environment and the relationships that we humans, but also animals and plants have with the place. These relationships can be maintained and continued instead of bringing in completely new things.

During the walks, we gather what we find and connect with the plants, the soil, the stones, the wood, the steel, the concrete, the water, and everything around us. We pause to consider the history of these materials to understand how they have created, limited, or denied relationships. We bring what we find to the studio at Kanaal30 to fill and create the Material Diary of Merwede. This process of collecting represents our connection to both the social and ecological aspects of Merwede.

Curious about the Material Diary of Merwede? Join a walk.

WANT TO PARTICIPATE? There are various activities we organize in Merwede. Feel free to visit Kanaal30, where Merve Bedir is present every Tuesday. Would you like to join one of the walks where we gather materials for the Material Diary of Merwede? Please email us merwede@gemenegrond.nl