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-POSITION FILLED- We are looking for a co-producer, as well as a custodian and manager, who will directly work with Merve Bedir, and amongst inhabitants, collectives, institutions, Utrecht Municipality, and the developers related to on/around Merwede.

The work requires to be interdependent, being a co-worker, and working for the commons.

The work includes organizing gatherings, convenings, keeping a project diary, scheduling meetings, contacting people, keeping simple excel sheets and budgets, preparing for communications, press releases, and social media posts, organizing meeting places for activities, preparation and production for meetings and gatherings, being present in gatherings, events, and finalizing work in post-production of events, preparing for next steps.

About the position
Commoning Merwede

Merve Bedir has been commissioned by Gemene Grond for an arts project in Merwede, Utrecht. It’s not a solo project, as her aspiration is for the inhabitants of the district to play the main role. Gemene Grond has been in conversation with Utrecht Municipality since 2022 on the role art can play in a new housing development in Merwede district. The project goal is to foster interconnectedness among the different neighbourhoods. To this end, Merve Bedir has been commissioned to undertake research into the district that includes several neighbourhoods, such as Kanaleneiland, Transwijk, Merwede, Rivierenwijk, Dichterswijk. Merve aims: “to facilitate inhabitants and agencies invested in these neighbourhoods to be the co-owners and caretakers of the resulting commission for an art work. Therefore from the beginning, the research is on what is of commons, and the possibilities of commoning (in) Merwede.”


Speaking Dutch, and preferably also other languages spoken in/around Kanaleneiland and Merwede.

Utrecht based, preferably based in Kanaleneiland.

The main workplace will be Vechtclub XL, but will use the Vechtclub location in Kanaleneiland, and other locations around Merwede and Utrecht for producing programs.

6 months with possibility of longer contract. Starting January 2024, for 2 days a week till July 2024.


Interest in intergenerational communication, talkative, enthusiastic for life
Interest in action
Interest in facilitation and mother-ation (similar to kindergarten teachers, elderly home caretakers, … )
Interest in encouraging/inviting people to share…
Interest in hospitality
Interest in being a co-worker / care-taker / co-host / co-organiser
Interest in and making graphics is a preference
Interest in matters of commons, spatial justice, political friendship, and living together is a preference.


Applications on a rolling basis, by sending your CV and a short motivation letter. For questions and applications, contact: