Complaint sessions in Merwede

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“Complaint Session” at Buurtcentrum Kanaleneiland Dock  -maart2024.png

Architect Merve Bedir has been commissioned by Common Ground for an art commission in Merwede. But it is not a solo project. Merve's idea is for the neighbourhood's residents and organisations to play the leading role. Gemene Grond is consulting with the municipality of Utrecht on the role art can play in the Merwede neighbourhood. The aim of the project is to create more connection between the different neighbourhoods and districts. Merve wants to help the residents and organisations in these neighbourhoods to think together about the kind of art they want and to take care of the artwork that comes out of the project. Therefore, she will explore from the beginning what we have in common, and the possibilities for collaboration in Merwede. Merve and Common Ground invite you to one of the various activities.


This is how we organise complaining sessions; air your heart, no one judging. Based on the idea of ‘arzuhalci’, a custom from Turkey, where writers on the street offer their services to people who want their problems and issues recorded to start petitions or initiate legal proceedings. There is often also a wish hidden in a complaint. These complaint sessions can lead to a translation of individual or collective questions and desires. With these sessions, we collect complaints, feedback, and wishes from people living in and around Merwede, in order to present them together to the parties developing Merwede, including the municipality of Utrecht. The complaint sessions are an example of how Merve wants to increase ownership by acknowledging both positive and negative feelings of residents. We want to hear from everyone: the elderly, the young, and many others. Their feedback will be the basis of a communal art-commissioning process in Merwede.

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