Sensory walk for young adults by Julia Krantz

Start: Calisthenics Park Kanaleneiland, Ending: Kanaal30, Merwede

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As part of the art commission ‘Commoning Merwede’, we are organising two workshops for young adults. On Saturday 15 June, artist Julia Krantz will organise the first workshop for young adults living near Merwede. This workshop in the form of a sensory walk aims to connect with young adults. We hope to gain insights into young adults's perspectives and how they experience Merwede, among other things. We invite participants to join this sensory walk.

During a sensory walk, your ears wake up to the ringing, humming, buzzling and rustling of the city. Participants are encouraged to use and explore all five senses during the walk.

This sensory walk goes through the neighbourhoods of Kanaleneiland, Transwijk, Rivierenwijk and Merwede. We explore different routes through the neighbourhoods with young adults to find out what is missing in the neighbourhood. We take what we find during the walk to the studio in Kanaal30 to fill a Material Diary about Merwede. The walk will end with tea, coffee and a conversation. During the walk, participants' experiences will be recorded anonymously through audio clips, videos, photos and written notes.

Participation in the walk is free of charge.
From age 18 onwards
Language: English
Starting point: Calisthenics Park Kanaleneiland
End point: Kanaal30

The date of the second workshop will be determined during the first workshop in consultation with the participants.

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