Remco Jutstra

Remco Jutstra, former resident of Lombok, planner. I now live in Austerlitz and work in Leidsche Rijn. From 2009 to 2019, I was active for the neighbourhood network development group Lombok Central. At the time, we developed a vision for Westplein / Lombokplein in Utrecht in co-creation with the municipality. The plans took an incredibly long time, so roll up your sleeves and just start placemaking and organic area development. 10 years ago already - festival 'Westplein, Hub of the Future'. during Cultural Sunday an incredibly beautiful collaboration; for and by the neighbourhood. I was also working on Westplein with vegetable garden boxes on the square; nice to still see some remnants. From the brokers of the interim, I got the chance to temporarily manage the vacant lot - where Los Angeles flats now stand - with a construction site and temporary initiatives such as a market. In short, lots of memories for the 'From Westplein to Lombokplein Timeline'.