Good Times Bad Times platform take-over: Run Deep, Run Wild

Radio broadcast

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons

Gemene Grond 10 juni 22 eindpresentatie-22.jpg

A series of liquid conversations between artists, thinkers, spatial planners and policy-makers. Aimed at developing a shared language between the participants and the residential programme Water is What We Make It and the Utrecht local authority. During the broadcast we discussed ways of bringing about flowing urban practice in a post-human context.

The presentation was broadcast live on Good Times Bad Times and can be listened to here. This activity is part of Water is What We Make It.


Yelizaveta Strakhova, Samar Khan, Roland van Dierendonck, Noam Youngrak Son, Nadia Christidi, María Mazzanti, Laila Saber Rodriguez, Kat Benedict, Eliza Collin, Anna Bierler, Xandra van Eijk and Gemeente Utrecht.