Sarah Kaushik

I am a graduate in Masters of Scenography from HKU, Netherlands (2020-2022) and have been practicing as an artist and designer prior to that. I began my professional journey in 2010 in India, as an exhibition designer and gained experience working with curators, craftspeople, national and international artists, rooted in traditional craft practices of India. Over the years, I worked with NGOs on several meaningful research-based projects rooted in the rural, nomadic, indigenous and the rich craft-dependent culture of India, wherein an attempt was made to translate research into visual and experiential forms for the audience. This piqued my interest into pursuing a Masters in Scenography and brought me to the Netherlands.

I am currently based in Utrecht, Netherlands and continuing my research-based practice as an artist scenographer. My practice focusses on ways of creating a dialogue between the spectator and the landscape (space), through memory, association, imagination and curiosity. In my ongoing research on nomadic practices, the subjects of rooted-ness, home, migration, are currently being explored through scenographic methods. Mobility is intrinsic to nomadic practices and in mobile environments, I pose the question of ‘belonging’. The manifestation of the research takes form in various ways, such as interactive audiovisual walking experiences based on storytelling and igniting the imagination of the spectator/walker.

Sarah Kaushik foto door Kevin Kwee