Joyce Vlaming

I create, conceptualise or co-create art projects with a social, societal slant. My heart lies in bringing people and areas of work together through art. Often these are projects that cross sectors, such as art & care or art & diversity and inclusion. Boundary-work, where you question existing habits and/or pigeonholes and apply crossroads thinking (intersectional thinking) to arrive at new insights. My background is in the visual arts. I studied photography at HKU (BA) and at A.K.V. St. Joost (MA), and then Fine Arts (MA) at the Sandberg Institute. I am a conceptual and creative thinker, socially engaged and critical where necessary, but also a connector. I like to structure and look at things from different perspectives.

Much of my work is here in Utrecht. The city where I have lived for more than 20 years and which still makes me happy every day. I have my studio on the Draaiweg, my work as a project manager of art & culture for care organisation AxionContinu and I also enjoy dedicating myself to art collectives in the city as a board member of Das Spectrum foundation. Previously, I was, among other things, supervisor of the K.F. Hein art participation project and board member at De Nijverheid foundation. So I work a lot locally, but my work, outlook and inspiration naturally extend beyond our city borders. Since November 2023, I have been involved as a curator at Gemene Grond and a member of the artistic team of the art commission (ABKV) in Utrecht.