The members of the core Gemene Grond team are introduced below. These are the people charged with maintaining the continuity of the art programme

Carlijn Diesfeldt

Carlijn Diesfeldt works as an independent curator and advisor and is specialised in setting up and curating long-running arts programmes linked to spatial and societal processes of transformation. She was involved in BEYOND Leidsche Rijn (2000-2009) a ten-year programme about art and urbanization in the public space of a new Utrecht suburb. Carlijn founded Land Art Contemporary in the province of Drenthe (2011) and was the initiator and curator of the Department of Search (2014-2018). Together with fellow curator Suzanne Sanders she laid the groundwork for the commons arts programme Gemene Grond (2021 - ). In addition, Carlijn has been advisor to the Mondrian Fund since 2021 and the Amsterdam Art Fund (since 2018) as well being a member of the arts committees in Utrecht, Beverwijk and Zaanstad.

Carolien de Boer

Carolien is a Senior Policy Advisor Visual Arts & Art in the Public Space and is programme leader for the Gemene Grond art programme at the Utrecht local authority. As intermediary, advisor and project leader art in the public space at the Centrum Beeldende Kunst Groningen and the Amersfoort local authority, she supervised numerous art projects and commissioned projects on behalf of the local authority for the 10-year arts programme Kunst in Vathorst. In Amersfoort Carolien advised on the foundation of the Armando Museum and the composition of its collection, a museum merger and the establishment and newbuild of the Kunsthal KAdE. In Utrecht Carolien is account holder for the city’s Centraal Museum, contemporary art centre BAK, IMPAKT, Casco, FOTODOK and the new presentation venue OP&. In addition she was co-founder of the DepARTment store (a pop-up store focused on art and design), a contributing author for Lucy in de Lucht and other online platforms and an advisor to Groningen’s art council. She has also organized various exhibitions. Carolien holds a degree in Art and Art Policy from Groningen University.

Ella Derksen

Ella Derksen is a driven and committed consultant with a wide range of experience within the art, culture and heritage sector. She works as developer and pioneer for and with various institutions but also as a policymaker and forward thinker for local government. Derksen has a background in the visual arts and is particularly interested in societal points of contact and interdisciplinarity. At all times she has an eye for origins, impact and developmental possibilities. Ella completed her fine arts degree in 1986 and after practicing as an artist for several years, she helped found the Utrecht-based foundation Casco in 1989. In the late 1990’s she was director of De Verbeelding | kunst | landschap | natuur in Zeewolde in Flevoland province. In 2012 she started her own consultancy EMBEDDING THE ARTS, advising on and supervising artistic commissions for museums and local and provincial authorities. One of her major projects was advising on the artworks for the metro stations on Amsterdam’s new north-south line. Ella also initiates projects, programmes and exhibitions in the public space and semi-public spaces, such as the long-running art programmes at the former Soesterberg airbase. In 2015 this initiative garnered her a nomination from the Art of Impact fund for impact producer of the year. From 2014 through 2021, Ella was a member of the Amsterdam Arts Council, sitting on the committee for Fine Arts and Digital Culture. During the last five years Ella has regularly worked on art projects and programmes commissioned by the Utrecht local authority’s Cultural Affairs department.

Migaisa Poeketi

Is an entrepreneur, freelance communications advisor, moderator and a specialist in diversity & inclusion (DEI). She has a broad-based interest in history, art and culture and social issues. She is a member of the June 30/July 1 Committee (Keti Koti Utrecht). She has been communications advisor to Gemene Grond since October 2022.

Suzanne Sanders

Suzanne Sanders is an art historian and works as an independent curator, advisor and intermediary. She focuses mainly on inter- and transdisciplinary artistic practice and the contemporary forms of organisation best suited to such practice. She works by bringing diverse people together and exploring innovative ways of collaborating, based on core values such as curiosity, generosity and plurality. As advisor on art in the public space for Utrecht city council she worked together with curator Carlijn Diesfeld to create the basis for the commons arts programme Gemene Grond and is working on the realisation of various contemporary monuments. Suzanne is co-founder of the artists’ residence Atelier AM Almere, is a former director of the Frankendael Foundation and has been working as a city curator for the Amsterdam city council since 2022. In the past she has worked with various leading institutions including Public Art Amsterdam, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Rotterdam’s Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, TAAK, Flemish cultural centre De Brakke Grond and the Frans Hals Museum.

Bram van den Berg

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Maud Vervenne

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Gemene Grond has its roots in Stichting Kunst in het Stationsgebied (KUS). This foundation’s stated aim is to foster a local, national and internationally appealing urban cultural climate in Utrecht, particularly in and around the area near the city’s central station. The foundation focuses particularly on visual arts projects that contribute in a major way to the identity and atmosphere of the station area. The foundation wants to create iconic art projects in and around the rapidly transitioning neighbourhood centred on Utrecht’s central station. In this way it hopes to make a contribution to forging the identity of a neighbourhood that embodies so many different functions and trends. The realisation of a permanent art work is always preceded by a programme of temporary projects.


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