Commons are resources available to all. In the natural world, that means things like water, air and land. In terms of culture it revolves around stories, music and art. Commons are important because they enable everyone to reap the benefits of the resources our society and the planet have to offer. You can see Gemene Grond as commons too, because together we’re making art available to all.

There are all kinds of commons, but unless we take care of them they can easily disappear. Think of a river where pollutants have killed off certain types of indigenous wildlife, or a community centre that’s closed down to make way for a new shopping centre and is never replaced. A lake can only be a source of plentiful fish if we agree with one another how to prevent over-fishing so that no-one is left without.

Gemene Grond aims to foster greater care for one another and our surroundings by forging clear agreements about how we shape our city. We see the public space as commons.

There are all kinds of ways to protect commons. Some examples:

  • Legislation and regulations to protect commons
  • Creating communities to manage commons
  • Educating people on the importance of commons for society
  • Creating a durable plan to protect commons